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Welcome! I’m Alicia and I’m an empath, soul coach, energy medium and spiritual teacher.

Alicia Marie Smith
Alicia Marie Smith

I created Journeys to Inspire in 2000, as an open heart portal, to serve and support the personal development of others; to elevate your energy, health, happiness and ability to bloom. From experience, I know it’s possible to permanently change a diseased body, a fearful mind and a grief-stricken heart, by developing a soul-based desire to sincerely awaken, heal and transform.

I’ve been studying and teaching these themes since 1990 and like many, journeyed through challenges; from deep emotional trauma to debilitating illness, from freeing myself of allergies and deep depression, to walking 500 miles after a stroke. We’re evolving souls and every journey can inspire us, to open new inner and outer doorways of exponential growth. Let’s be kind to ourselves, as we ride the waves of change and develop a sincere faith in future possibilities.

Having worked with clients across the globe, I combine what I’ve reaped from my own journeys and the experience of assisting others, with a multitude of energy modalities and empathic clarity into the heart and soul of another. I believe with compassionate guidance, everyone who is humbly seeking, can continue to improve, challenge ‘problems’, unravel and release hidden hurts and create a clear vision for the next brand new journey!

In recent years, I’ve explored farther inside, awakening to a more soul-based shift in perception. I’m clear that a heartfelt development in the condition of our soul, automatically creates a desire to transform our physical, mental and emotional self. For myself, this present-day awareness has been in unison with developing a loving relationship with our Creator, feeling it to be a limitless, all encompassing and accelerated way, to open our souls potential to thrive.

I work with all types of people, either in person or globally, through video and phone calls, emails and energy transmissions. I offer all my services by donation, some of which are shown below.

I invite you to be curious and explore this web space, aware that it is ever evolving! Thank you for the gift of your presence!

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