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Welcome to Journeys to Inspire – assisting you to Awaken, Heal and Transform

I’m Alicia and I created this Open Heart Portal to Guide, Coach and Energetically Support your fullest Potential. Are you ready to Awaken your awareness, Heal into wholeness and Transform your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul?

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller

We begin life by walking, before talking…

For over three decades, I’ve had the privilege to assist thousands of diverse souls to awaken and transform their potential They’ve healed, are happier, healthier and more vibrant and purposeful in their lives. I’d love to support you, either individually, or as part of a group.

My curiosity and seeking heart have led me through a gamut of life experiences, studies, workshops and retreats. I’ve opened doors of awareness, I didn’t realize existed! Each facet of life creates possibilities to explore and experiment, attracting people and events from which we can learn more about who we are and how we fit into this world. Experiences often bring us face to face with our fearful beliefs, but as we release our wounds, we awaken, heal and transform new potential. Of course, we may also choose to stubbornly shut doors and limit the possibility for greater health, happiness….

“Your guidance and energy support, has helped me feel more calm. I feel balanced and yet motivated and purposeful in my everyday life and for the future.” Alison (client)

To Awaken, Heal and Transform, it begins from the inside, out…

Yes, life’s journeys can be are challenging, but they also inspire our potential to awaken, heal and transform. One of my more recent dilemmas was chronic illness which led to a debilitating stroke. Step by step, as I cleared away blockages, a new attitude and wider perspectives awoke within me. As I focused foremost on my inner journey, my outer reality transformed. Eventually I managed to walk 500 miles in a month and am now healthier than ever. Where there’s a desire, there’s a way…. Developing faith in future possibility, is the key!

Supporting your explorative adventure….

Journeys to Inspire supports those of you who seek more clarity on your own individual journey, assisting you to unravel and release hidden hurts or shadows and open more doors to awaken and transform your wondrous unsung nature. Pivotal to this explorative adventure is a willingness to be humble and honest. As you develop faith in your own potential and passions, your heart may open to the possibility of a personal relationship with our Divine Creator. I also encourage the prospect of clearer communication with your spiritual guides and your own intuitive essence.

“You turn what seems to be black and white into technicolor” James and Christine

It would be my honor to guide and support your journey…

I work with all types of people, either in person or globally, through video calls, emails and energy transmissions. These journeys are intended to inspire you to awaken, heal and transform, so your heart may feel the truth of who you are and the potential existing within and outside of you.

Click on the links below for additional ways to work with me. Everything is adapted to you, as a unique soul.

Everything I share is my gift to you, free of any cost…

If you have a heart-felt desire to support my presence with you, donations are gratefully received – Click Here

“Alicia’s continued presence to help guide me and energetically loosen the unconscious tethers, is encouraging me to strive for more.” Sarah

Soul Guidance - Journeys to Inspire
One-on-one Guidance and Mentoring, to Awaken, Heal and Transform your Potential in body, mind, heart and soul.
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Healthy Healing - Journeys to Inspire
One-on-one Support, to Heal your pain, improve Health and to feel more Empowered and Energized.
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Quantum Light Activation - Journeys to Inspire
A Quantum Light Activation to Clear, Balance, Strengthen and Upgrade your Potential, as a unique individual. 

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Energy Transmissions - Journeys to Inspire
Weekly and monthly group Energy Transmissions, to Heal and Enhance inner Balance and outer Confidence.

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Divine Love Health and Wellness Soul Guidance

Do you Feel and Experience all your Emotions?

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Are you aware of your true emotions?

  • We avoid emotions through our compulsive behaviors with little time for self reflection.
  • If we have a symptom of pain, there’s always an emotional cause to explore.
  • Observe all you create and attract…
  • Feel and experience your emotions flow, without projecting onto others…
  • When we dampen the truth of our negative emotions, we quash joyful feelings too.

Emotion – Energy needs Motion….

  • We’ve been taught to control emotions, but like water they need to flow.
  • When our emotions are suppressed, they evolve into dis-ease.
  • We’re often yet to discover our true emotions, concealed by a façade of avoidance.
  • We attract people and events to help us become aware of underlying emotions.
  • In unraveling our emotions, we heal them and improve our souls condition.
  • As we clear disharmonious emotions, we create and attract more love into our lives.

Humility is a vital key to open the door to our true Emotions…

  • Humility is our willingness to feel and experience every emotion, all of the time.
  • Good or bad; without judgement, blame or condescension to ourselves or others.
  • As we feel and experience our emotions fully, we awaken, heal and transform.

Feel the flow of emotions, let go and glow brighter than ever….

For more info read the blog:  ‘Feel and Experience your Emotions’. Recommended Viewing: ‘How to process Emotions?’

These Daily Meds are to encourage Self Love and Awareness….

Replaced regularly and archived, they’re intentionally kept simple, rather than inundating you with information, in the possibility you may consider experimenting with the idea

Updated: 15 April 2020


Why drink more water?

Staying hydrated is a daily necessity….Water clears blockages and assists the flow of energy physically, spiritually and emotionally. A crucial component of life, water is necessary for all living forms of creation and supports healthier well-being. Note: Like energy, water always flows along the path of least resistance.

Water keeps all of our bodily systems functioning fluidly:

  • Regulating body temperature.
  • Balancing blood pressure.
  • Carrying oxygen and nutrients to our cells.
  • Releasing bladder and harmful bacteria.
  • Aiding digestion.
  • Averting constipation.
  • Maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance.
  • Stabilizing heartbeat rhythm.
  • Protecting organs and tissues.
  • Cushioning joints.
Note: DEHYDRATION signs can be: 

Weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, irritability and darker urine.

How much water and when?

  • Health organizations generally advise eight 8oz glasses of water a day (2 liters or half a gallon).
  • As an adult woman, I drink at least 12×8 daily (3 liters, 3/4 gallon), especially if I’m ill or processing emotions.
  • Most water absorption happens after passing through the stomach, into the small intestine, where it’s absorbed into the cell membrane and bloodstream.
  • Therefore the most efficient time to drink water is on an empty stomach.

Why not experiment and drink more water…?

  • Add a good micronutrient rich salt to your food (eg. Himalayan)
  • Sodium chloride (salt) is a part of our physical chemical make-up.
  • Eat foods high in water (fruits and veg).
  • Listen to the body’s barometer as to how much and when for you as an individual.

Keep a journal, so you can notice any changes. Connect with me, if you have questions.

These Healthy Hints are to inspire greater awareness of caring for your physical body…

Replaced regularly and archived, they’re intentionally kept simple, rather than inundating you with information, in the possibility you may consider experimenting with the idea….

Updated:   20 April 2020


Suggestions to make this world a better place…

Everyday I realize I can make another adjustment to support our environment. Are we in addictive façade, or fearful of change and feeling uncomfortable? Do we expect others to change, but do nothing personally?  Poorer populations consume less and have the smallest footprint on our planet, but suffer the largest impact from our environmental abuse and over consumption. 

Consider this:

  • Re-Think your choices…
  • Refuse single use bags, bottles…
  • Reduce your consumption….
  • Re-use everything….
  • Refurbish old stuff…
  • Repair before replacing…

Read more on the ‘Consider Climate Impact‘ Blog

Let’s BE the CHANGE…. 

Explore the plethora of information on the net…

Here’s a couple of ideas to inspire a connection to reality and possibility.

Watch The Story of Stuff and visit Our Planet

These Climate Tips encourage Green Living, to reduce Climate Impact.

Replaced regularly and archived, they’re intentionally kept simple, rather than inundating you with information, in the possibility you may consider experimenting with the idea….

Updated: 25 April 2020


Are you getting enough iron?

Are you anemic?

For much of my life I had bouts of fatigue from anemia. Plants contain non-heme iron, albeit less available and absorbable, so it’s great to eat a lot of iron rich plant foods.

Good sources of non-heme iron include:

  • Most legumes, but lentils, soy beans and chickpeas are the richest in iron.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, kale and chard.
  • Oats, wheat, rice and fortified cereals.
  • Dried fruits – try apricots and raisins.

Combine to Absorb….

The trick to greater absorption of non-heme iron is to combine foods high in iron with foods rich in Vitamin C.

  • High in Iron: Lentils, spinach, chickpeas and Swiss chard…
  • Rich in Vitamin C: citrus fruits, bell peppers, melon and strawberries…


  • Strawberries, raisins or apricots with my oats/muesli/granola.
  • Lentil sprouts, rice and bell peppers.
  • Spinach salad with orange slices.
  • Raw Broccoli risotto with red bell pepper
  • Steamed Swiss Chard with olive oil and lemon dressing.
  • Lentil and spinach dhal with a squeeze of lemon juice.
  • Drink orange juice before or during an iron rich meal.

Note: Foods can also inhibit iron absorption…

There are many, but mostly counteracted by Vitamin C intake. Main inhibitors to watch for: tea, coffee and wine!

Look at the overall picture, learn to listen to the barometer of your body and always experiment for yourself…

Vegan Vitality is to inspire whole-food, plant-based nutrition.

Replaced regularly and archived, they’re intentionally kept simple, rather than inundating you with information, in the possibility you may consider experimenting with the idea….

Updated:   30 April  2020

“After this energy work, I felt such a freedom. I seemed be released from the shackles of the past! Alicia is definitely here to help us; her fellow Light-workers.” Tanya

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